Type of Fund Capital Protected* Fund
Category of Fund Fixed Income Fund (Shariah)
Trustee AmanahRaya Trustees Berhad (766894-T)
External Investment Manager CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad (304078-K)
Investment Philosophy AMBDAQ-CP is a low-risk fund with a three (3) year tenure to maturity that complies with Shariah Principles. The Fund will primarily invest in high quality locally issued Sukuk to provide capital protection* until maturity while the remainder is invested in Shariah-compliant equities to provide potential capital gain to the Fund and cash equivalent instruments for liquidity purposes. The Unit price will change to reflect movements in the value of the Fund's assets.


Investment Objective To protect the initial capital* of the Fund at the Maturity Date through investments principally in fixed income securities predominantly in Sukuk that are permissible under Shariah Principles whilst seeking potential returns over the tenure of the Fund.

Any material change to the investment objective of the Fund would require Unit Holders’ approval.

Approved Fund Size The approved Fund size for AMBDAQ-CP is 300 million Units.
Investors' Profile The Fund is suitable for investors with the following profile: -
  • Seeking low risk investments that are in accordance with Shariah Principles.
  • Seeking a Fund which protects the initial capital* with potential to yield better return than the 12-month GIA rates of commercial banks.
  • Medium term investment horizon of 3 years.
Benefits for Investors AMBDAQ-CP is suitable for investors who seek capital protection* upon maturity from a well-diversified portfolio of fixed income securities that conform to the Shariah Principles. AMBDAQ-CP is an avenue for investors to invest in a well-diversified Islamic debt securities portfolio without huge capital outlay.
Specific Benefits of Investing in AMBDAQ-CP Strict adherence to the Shariah Principles
AMBDAQ-CP has been specially designed with adherence to the Shariah Principles. The Shariah Committee Members of the Fund comprise Islamic scholars who monitor the investment activities of the Fund.

Investment Through Diversification
AMBDAQ-CP manages and aims to minimise your risks by investing in a diversified range of Shariah compliant fixed income securities.

During the IOP, individual investors can invest just RM 1,000 as a minimum initial investment and subsequent investments can be made at a minimum of RM500. For non-individual investor, a minimum initial investment of RM5,000 is required and subsequent investments can be made at a minimum of RM1,000.

Investors can easily access any Distribution Branch to perform any enquiry or transaction.

Asset Allocation
  • Minimum 85%; Maximum 98% in Shariah fixed income securities.
  • Maximum 10% in equities.
  • Minimum 2% in cash or cash equivalent instruments.

The Performance of AMBDAQ-CP is benchmarked against 12-month GIA rates of commercial banks which is obtainable from the Bank Negara Malaysia’s website at

* Investors are advised that unlike a guaranteed fund, this capital protected fund is protected by investments predominantly in Sukuk which is issued locally and not by a guarantee. Consequently the return of capital is SUBJECT TO the credit/default risk of the issuers of the fixed income securities.


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Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the AMBDAQ-CP Prospectus dated 17 September 2011 and expires on 16 September 2012 before investing. This prospectus has been registered and lodged with the Securities Commission. Among others, investor should consider the fees and charges involved. The price of units and distributors payable, if any, may go down as well as up. Past performance of the fund should not be taken as indicative of its future performance. Units will only be issued on receipt of an application form referred to in and accompanying the Prospectus, which can be obtained at Amanah Mutual Berhad, Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad, any Maybank and Bank Rakyat distribution branches.