Unit Trust
What is a Unit Trust?
A A Unit Trust is an investment scheme, which pools money from many investors who share the same financial objectives. The Trustee on behalf of the investors holds the assets of the Trust.

By pooling your funds you gain access to investment opportunities, which are normally unavailable to the individual investor.

Investors' rights and interest are well protected by an independent Trustee (who is appointed to ensure that the manager is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Trust Deed), an independent Auditor and the Securities Commission.


Types of Unit Trust Fund managed by Amanah Mutual Berhad (AMB)
What are the categories of Unit Trust Fund available?
A AMB funds offer alternatives / options / varieties i.e. investments that cater individual risk profile.

Category of Funds:

1. Equity Fund

AMB Unit Trust Fund (AMBUTF)
AMB Index-Linked Trust Fund (AMBILTF)
AMB Ethical Trust Fund (AMBETF)
AMB Value Trust Fund (AMBVTF)
AMB Dana Yakin (AMBDY) (Shariah)
AMB Dividend Trust Fund (AMBDTF)
AMB SmallCap Trust Fund (AMBSCTF)

2. Balanced Fund

AMB Balanced Trust Fund (AMBBTF)
AMB Lifestyle Trust Fund 2014 (AMBLTF 2014)
AMB Dana Ikhlas (AMBDI) (Shariah)

3. Bond Fund

AMB Income Trust Fund (AMBITF)
AMB Enhanced Bond Trust Fund (AMBEBTF)
AMB Dana Arif (AMBDA) (Shariah)
AMB Lifestle Trust Fund Today (AMBLTF Today)

4. Mixed Asset Fund

PNB Structured Investment Fund (PNB SIF)

5. Money Market Fund

AMB Dana Nabeel (AMBDN) (Shariah)

Risk Profile
What are the risks involved when investing in the AMB Unit Trust Funds?
A Unit Trust Funds work best as long-term investments. The lower the risk, the more stable and predictable are the returns.

The higher risk investments are generally associated with high returns and high volatilities.